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My hobby is trying to grow roses.A rose is a special flower and I have various types of roses in my small garden. It's really not that difficult and it takes little time.


Against that is growing orchids much more difficult and requires a lot of time and equally so much patience. Once they are in bloom,they are beautiful.The big secret is that you should give them very little water and that they are not allowed to stand with their roots in water, because there can't  stand it.So disciplined watering is requested and you will find out that they are beautiful will blossom.

Several years ago I started taking care of fuchsias. I visited a friend who had a beautiful garden with a lot of beautiful flowering fuchsias. During this visit I got the idea to start also growing fuchsias and I started with two plants. One is called Deutsche Perle and the other one is called Frankfurt am Main which was only a beginning but it brought me already a lot of fun.

After my early retirement, I met a friend who with very great knowledge of business, leads people around the city Hoorn. He recommended me to lose myself in the bvery exciting history of our beautiful city. I became very enthusiastic and studied the history books of Hoorn.After a real exam, I became an authorized guide of the city of Hoorn. The people whom I show our city are mostly from the Netherlands, Germany, England and United States of America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand It's nice to note that they get interested in the fascinating history and  enjoy the beauty of tour city.