You live now in the future which has passed. 
You'll always still be there.
You never will be a long time ago.
You will always belong to this time
You are present in my unfulfilled expectations.
You are present in my sleepless dreams.
Your name will never fade away in my memory.
You are present allthough you are gone
You are there where you could have been.
you're not in the past tense, not from yesterday.
You are from yesterday,from today and from tomorrow, passed future.

Marinus van den Berg

Who was Maarten?

On July 2, 1970, I became a father for the first time in my life.

A child with the 'Down Syndrome'.
Disappointment, fear of the future and yet tenderness: "what a sweet child".
Maarten was always the center of attention and someone who knew the entire Dutch government by heart.

He loved to be dressed as 'gentleman', even when he exercised his beloved sport riding a horse. 
He was often a 'popular guest' in different hospitals but despite that he never lost his sense of humor.
On April 12, 1994, he was hospitalized in the hospita in Amsterdaml for a very risky operation.
The operation succeeded, but his condition deteriorated by the minute.

On April 30, 1994, he was brought to "his own hospital" in Hoorn as he called it.
On May 1, 1994 at 21:33 pm Maarten fell quietly a asleep forever.


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