Maybe you are thinking, you should say something.
Maybe you are thinking you should cheer me up.
Maybe you want to see me laughing and enjoying again.
Maybe you are thinking you should comfort me and advise me.
What I am asking is this: would you  please 'once again' listen to my story what I am feeling and thinking.
You only have to be quiet and looking at me and giving me time to accept.
You don't even have to understand my sorrow, but if possible try to accept how it feels for me.
Your listening presence will make my day different and lightning up my  holidays.

Marinus van den Berg

Who was Evaline?

On 29th September 1997, about 10.45 hours the telephone rang and for the second time in my life a nightmare started to line out.

My youngest daughter, Evaline, 15 years old, had a severe car accident, while riding her bike on her way to school.
The policeman, who informed me said, I should hurry up to the AMC hospital in Amsterdam.

Evaline was born on January 8th, 1982, on a day cold as ice and she was a fountain of joy in my family.
She was a strong attached child, who loved to have people around her.
She liked to come with me on my various trips when I had to work and she always started a conversation with everybody mostly in her 'own English or German' and rank or position did not matter to her. I always had to laugh when we arrived in Amsterdam from one of our short trips and while disembarking she asked me: "How do you say this in Dutch, Dad?"

Evaline was like a flower-bud.....the first lipstick.....the first boyfriend and girls-giggling. Sometimes full of self-confidence and another moment insecure about herself.

22.00 hrs. The  Academic Medical hospital in Amsterdam....defeated and almost impossible to accept, not to mention to understand..... Evaline was declared .....brain death, due to a cerebral-hemorhage.

In spite of her young age, she insisted to be an organ donor and thanks to her heart and kidneys three people can nowdays go on with their live.


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