My tips for this fantastic city are: A trip by boat on the famous canals. Or just stroll over the flowermarket. (Singel).The real Amsterdammer can be found in the Jordaan. A visit to the Rijksmuseum, the Vincent van Gogh museum and the Anne Frank House is a "must" and you should not forget to visit the Amsterdam Histotrical Museum. Amsterdam has a lot of unexpected things, such as a "concert" in the famous Concertgebouw which is a wonderful experience. A walk through the museum aera (residential aera), where many buildings are in the famous Art Nouveau style is highly recommended. You have to be in Amsterdam on the 27th of April, because then we celebrate the birthday of our King. (Koningsdag)



Mexico City

Between the two 'Americas' there is a very beautiful country with a marvelous city which is named Mexico City. One of the largest cities of the world,with more as 20 millions inhabitants including the suburbs and  is still expanding. A special city with many 'contrasts' and in many ways a 'jewel'. If you like art or architecture or musea, then here you find yourself in the right place. To name a view: the Palacio de Bellas Artes or the Museo Nacional de Antropologia where you find the famous giant statute of the raingod, Tlaloc at the entrance of the museum. You should also go to the famous Cathedral at the Zocalo, which is built on the ruins of the old Aztec temple of Tenochtitlan. After that you go right away to another church, which was built only a couple of years ago and which is called the Basilica. First you find yourself back in the old beautiful age of the baroque and just a bit later in the modern age. If you speak of the Aztecs you should go to the Pyramids of Teotihuacan. There you have to climb all the steps of the pyramid of the Sun and while doing so you should do the same with its neighbour, the pyramid of the Moon. On the top you’ll have a marvelous view all over the valley. A very interesting place to visit but a little bit risky is the still active volcano of Popacatepetl and it’s neighbour volcano Ixtaccihuatl. Everytime when I visited this beautiful city I had the feeling that I had little time because there are so many things to see and every time I said well........ that’s for the next time.

Frankfurt am Main

Also a very beautiful city which I 'learned' to like. For me Frankfurt am Main is: the Roemer, the Zeil but also the Alte Oper and the Staedelsches Kunstinstitut, Staedtische Galerie and the Juedisches Museum.
Don't forget to visit the beautiful Kaiser Dom, the Liebfrauenkirche and of course the Leonhardkirche. In the summer it's nice to sit on one of the outside terraces at the Roemer or 'die Fressgasse' or make a tour on your bike along the river Main or Nidda.
A nice walk through one of the forests of Frankfurt am Main might also be a good idea. The beautiful medieval small city of Hoechst is quiet near and should rank very high on your 'worth seeing list'.