I was born in Hilversum a village in the Netherlands.
My hometown is Zwaag (municipality of Hoorn N-H), a beautiful village in Westfriesland.
My employer was the Deutsche Lufthansa where I worked as a Purser.
My homebase was Frankfurt Rhein/Main airport.

From 1 March 2002, I was early retired.


B747 - 200/400 and A 340: is flying very, very high.

falling very deep.

Maarten en Evaline:          
a tribute to my two deceased children

Cities:                         are 
special cities which I like to visit.

statements and expression and phrases 

                                 which attract me. 
                                 Do they attract you as well?   

My hobbies:                    
gardening, roses, orchids and fuchsias 

                                 which I try to flourish.

                                 I'am a city  guide of the city of Hoorn
                                 (NH) and I lead tourists around in our

                                 beautiful city.

                                 please enter here your comments about 

                                 the topics in my website.